Children loved making pizzas at our Italian pizza class. Resources have been exported from an Activ-primary flip-chart. (Which also includes Italian Pizzeria style music.) Fun to play when the children are making their pizzas or working. If you would like original please message me.
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  • Literacy KS1 - Writing Instructions - Pizza.doc
  • Literacy KS1 - Writing Instructions - Pizza.ppt
  • Literacy plan Instructions.doc
  • Writing instructions checklist.doc
  • Oveview Planning Instructions.doc

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    Looks brilliant !
    Thank you

    • user avatarjreadshawReply from Authora year ago

      Thank you, my class loved this. It was great fun because I dressed up as my Italian (chef) cousin for the lesson. (They still ask when she will visit again.) Hope your class enjoy it.

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    user avatarSaraHamdya year agoreport

    thanks alot

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    user avatarmarsbar7862 years agoreport

    Thanks for inspiring me

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    user avatarsarahd88883 years agoreport

    Fantastic. Many thanks

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    user avataryahoocomar3 years agoreport


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