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Previously TES recommended author of 3 resources. Interactive resources, many of which involve Powerpoint or Excel to make Maths easier to plan and engage! Specifically I like to design repetitive yet engaging resources, which are often progressively difficult to foster calm lessons , create routine and encourage excitement in learning. 4th year of teaching, got an IMA scholarship for my potential ideas. Currently working in Spain in an international school, originally trained in England.

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This is a massive 14 tab excel spreadsheet. It contains:

  • Two tabs of blank worksheets (multiple on a page). This is particularly useful for a last minute, ready to go starter. For example, if you have these ready and printed, you can generate one of the sheets on the whiteboard, and students can copy the appropriate numbers into the blank grid in order to deduce all of the blank numbers. One tab is for 6x6 grids (quicker starter/worksheet), other tab is for 12 x 12 grids
  • Two tabs of 12x12 grids including repetition within the rows and / or columns. These grids are great at building students confidence, due to the repetition. One sheet is the questions, the other sheet is the answers.
  • Five tabs of 12x12 grids WITHOUT repetition within the rows and/or columns. This means students are tested on all the times table within one worksheet or starter activity. One tab has column and row headers, but doesn’t have any content within the grid itself. The next three tabs are in varying difficulty level: easy, medium, and hard [easy has lots of the numbers within the grid itself already filled out, whereas hard has hardly any numbers]. The last tab is the answers.
  • Three tabs of 6x6 grids WITHOUT repetition within the rows and/or columns. The first tab just contains a grid with NO numbers within the main grid itself. The second tab, my favourite, includes no row or column headers, therefore students have a challenging worksheet, and need to work out through logic to deduce the column and row headers. In some instances there may seem like there is more than one option for the row or column headers, so students need to deduce what is the only correct answer (like sudoku). This second tab, also involves row and column totals to incorporate the topic solving equations. The third tab is the solutions. What is great about the 6x6 grids and the 12x12 grids is that the first 6 rows and columns of the 12x12 grid, have exactly the same solutions as the 6x6 grid itself.
  • One tab of solutions for BOTH of the sheets. This excel spreadsheet has been formatted so that ALL of the worksheets can be deduced form the same 12x12 grid. This is great in order to differentiate effectively.
  • BONUS new worksheet tab. This is great because at a click of this button, or via F9 you can easily generate an infinite number of worksheets.

For another starter type activity involving 4 operations please view:

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3 years ago

Once I'd figured out how to use this, it was a really useful tool - saves time!

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