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Layers of the Earth: These cootie catchers about the layers of the Earth are a great way for students to have fun while learning about each layer of the Earth. Playing directions and folding Directions (with pictures) are Included.

There are 3 different versions, each in color & black and white for a total of 6 usable pages which include the following:

1. Students Identify the vocabulary term from the description
2. Students create their own description for the vocabulary term
3. Students identify the vocabulary term from the picture

These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms:

♦ Inner core, Outer core, Mantle, Asthenosphere, Lithosphere, Crust, Fault, Tectonic plate

***** Do a search for my other Cootie Catchers in the folllowing topics: *****
Space Science:
♦ Comets, Meteors, & Asteroids
♦ Constellations
♦ Eclipses
♦ Life Cycles of Stars
♦ Moon Phases
♦ Planets
♦ Solar System and Space
♦ Clouds
♦ Earthquakes & Plate Tectonics
♦ Erosion
♦ Fossils
♦ Layers of the Atmosphere
♦ Layers of the Earth
♦ Landforms
♦ Natural Disasters
♦ Natural Resources
♦ Rock Cycle
♦ Rocks and Minerals
♦ Seasons
♦ Soil
♦ Volcanoes
♦ Water Cycle
♦ Weather

Life Science:
♦ Animal Adaptations
♦ Biomes
♦ Cell Organelles
♦ Classification and Taxonomy
♦ Ecosystems
♦ Evolution
♦ Food Web
♦ Habitats
♦ Human Body
♦ Life Cycles
♦ Photosynthesis
♦ Plants
♦ Six Kingdoms of Life

Physical Science:
♦ Atomic Structure
♦ Circuits
♦ Element Compound and Mixture
♦ Force and Motion
♦ Forms of Energy
♦ Light Energy
♦ Magnets
♦ Reflection and Refraction
♦ Scientific Method
♦ Simple Machines
♦ Sound Energy
♦ States of Matter
♦ Thermal Energy
♦ Waves

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