Let's go on a Dinosaur Adventure!

Choose a backpack, make a list of things you will need, close your eyes, listen and imagine...... Please leave a comment if you have time!


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    Thank you for this - really looking forward to using

    • user avatarsarahunderwoodReply from Author6 days ago

      I hope you like it. I'm in the process of adding more of these to my shop.

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    user avatarrubyred40015 days agoReport

    This will be a great introduction for our Big Write story on dinosaurs. Thanks

    • user avatarsarahunderwoodReply from Author15 days ago

      Glad you are going to use it! I'm going to be adding a few more of these to my shop soon, so if your class enjoy it, you might want to have a look!

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    user avatarrachelb0036 months agoReport

    Love this! Can't wait to share it with the chn when we start our dinosaur topic!! Thank you!

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    user avatarJHDH10 months agoReport

    Thank you I am looking forward to trying this out

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    user avatargsgirl10 months agoReport

    Thank you, this will be fun to do

Dec 2, 2011
Sep 22, 2014

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