Letter Emergent Readers: Aa-Zz
These easy to print and assemble emergent readers would make a great addition to a phonics or guided reading program! The books included in this bundle cover ALL 26 letters of the alphabet and includes clean graphics and simple to read text. Sight words are also included as part of a predictable pattern.

The books include:
Aa- Pictures: alligator, ant, apple, anchor, astronaut, airplane. Sight Words: can, an, no.

Bb- Pictures: banana, bear, bee, ball, boat. Sight words: see, the.

Cc- Pictures: cat, crayon, candy, cookies, camera. Sight words: I, have.

Dd- Pictures: dog, dolphin, duck, door, dinosaur. Sight Words: the, will.

Ee- Pictures: eye, eyebrow, elbow, ear, elf. Sight Words: it, is, an.

Ff- Pictures: frog, fence, foot, fairy, fly, fish. Sight Words: the, is, on.

Gg- Pictures: glue, girl, grapes, ghost, guitar. Sight Words: this, is, a.

Hh-Pictures: hand, heart, house, hippo, helicopter, horn. Sight Words: look, at, the.

Ii- Pictures: igloo, ice cream, ice cube, indian, insect, itch. Sight Words: That, is, a.

Jj- Pictures: jar, jelly, jellybeans, jelly fish, jacket. Sight Words: the, is, are, in.

Kk- Pictures: key, kite, kangaroo, kettle, king, kitten. Sight Words: can, you, see, the.

Ll- Pictures: ladybug, leaf, lion, ladder, lamp, lock. Sight Words: the, is, up.

Mm- Pictures: man, mitten, moon, mouse, money, mushroom. Sight Words: I, saw, the.

Nn- Pictures: nest, nose, necklace, newspaper, night. Sight Words: we, like, the.

Oo- Pictures: octopus, orange, owl, otter, ostrich, olive. Sight words: here, is, the.

Pp- Pictures: pig, pear, penguin, pizza, pumpkin. Sight words: look, a.

Qq- Pictures: quarter, queen, question, quilt, quiet. Sight Words: that, is, a.

Rr- Pictures: raccoon, rocket, rainbow, ring, robot, rose. Sight Words: go, find, the.

Ss- Pictures: sandwich, snail, sock, star, socks, sun.. Sight Words: this, is, a.

Tt- Pictures: tie, tomato, tree, tape, turtle, top. Sight Words: there, is, a.

Uu-Pictures: umbrella, underwear, unicorn, umpire, upside down. Sight Words: see, the.

Vv- Pictures: vest, volcano, vase, vegetables, van. Sight Words: he, can, see, the.

Ww- Pictures: wagon, watermelon, whale, wand, wig. Sight Words: here, is, a, big, little.

Xx- Pictures: box, xylophone, x-ray, x-ray fish, six.. Sight Words: is, for.

Yy- Pictures: yarn, yogurt, yolk, yo-yo, yak. Sight Words: this, is, my.

Zz- Pictures: zebra, zipper, zoo, zigzag, zero. Sight Words: I, see, one, two, three.

These books are perfect for beginning readers who are just learning letters and sounds and familiarizing themselves with print!
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