Linear equations - examples, 200+ questions and a homework/test

These resources are a good way to quickly cover/revise the whole topic of linear equations.

The first resource begins with a few notes on what forms linear equations can take and some of the steps or methods that may be required to solve them. There are some parts of the notes that need to be completed with your students, to practise the algebraic steps involved in solving linear equations.

There are then several sections, each section focussing on a particular form of linear equation. There are a few examples to complete with your students as practice, then an exercise for students to complete on their own. There is also an exercise of mixed questions at the end. Answers to all the exercises are included.

Section A - Solving x+a=b, x-a=b, a-x=b
Section B - Solving ax=b
Section C - Solving x/a=b and a/x=b
Section D - Solving ax+b=c, ax-b=c, a-bx=c
Section E - Solving x/a+b=c, x/a-b=c, a-x/b=c, a-b/x=c
Section F - Solving (ax+b)/c=d, (ax-b)/c=d, (a-bx)/c=d
Section G - Solving a(bx+c)=d, a(bx-c)=d, a(b-cx)=d
Section H - Solving ax+b=cx+d, ax+b=c-dx
Section I - Solving a(bx+c)=dx+e, a(bx+c)=d-ex
Section J - Solving (ax+b)/c=dx+e, (ax-b)/c=dx+e, (a-bx)/c=d-ex
Section K - Mixed exercise

The second resource gives your students practice of solving linear equations using a graph. Worked solutions to this sheet are included.

The final resource is a homework/test with 35 questions that cover the whole of the topic, including solving linear equations using a graph. Worked solutions are included.


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