Not the most exciting but worksheets to help with two different ways of performaing long multiplication calculations: Grid Method and 'Chinese' Method (feel free to rename them if you know them by any other name).


  • Chinese Multiplication.docx
  • Chinese Multiplication Answers.docx
  • Long Multiplication - Grid Method.docx
  • Long Multiplication - Grid Method - Answers.docx

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    Such a simple sheet, but makes the method really clear - great as an alternative to my students who really don't like the 'formal' method. (Answers are always helpful too, even if easy to check on a calculator ) Thanks !

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author15 days ago

      No problem - glad the sheet is useful.

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    user avatarnadegemartin3 months agoreport

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    user avatarEmJ25a year agoreport

    Thank you so much for sharing your hard work

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    user avatartapollskia year agoreport

    Great - thanks!

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