Low Workload High Impact KS4 Physics Marked Work Package

Take hours off your weekly workload! Mark a full set in 30 minutes

Given the new ofsted focus on managing teacher workload, there is a shift towards effective marking being done efficiently. The emphasis here is on the students doing the work, and the students making guided progress.

This resource covers all of KS4 Physics with structured open tasks and target-based marking.

  • The students complete the work and hand it in.

  • Mark the pile of worksheets by highlighting or drawing a ring around the target you wish the student to do as their response. (You can also do this for any parts of the task the student has not completed, since the task is on the sheet).

  • Return the tasks to the students and project the targets onto the whiteboard for students to do their marking response.

I have made the ‘Conservation of Energy’ task available for free so you can try before you buy, and check that your school are happy that this fits in with their marking policy.


The following tasks and mark schemes are included:


  • Conservation of Energy
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Comparing Energy Resources


  • Resistance Write-up
  • Comparing Components
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Step-up and Step-down Transformers
  • Generating Static Charge

Particle Model

  • Density Write-up
  • Internal Energy During Change of State
  • Crushing Can (non-triple version)
  • Why Does a Pump Get Hot?

Atomic Structure

  • Plum Pudding vs Nuclear Model
  • Effect of Decay on Nuclei
  • Uses of Radiation (Triple and non-triple versions)
  • Fission vs Fusion


  • Gravitational Fields
  • Hooke’s Law Write-up
  • Moments
  • Crushing Can
  • Dead Sea
  • Distance-time Graph of Journey
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Braking vs Thinking Distance
  • Crumple Zones


  • Longitudinal vs Transverse Waves
  • Echolocation
  • Dangers of EM Waves
  • Uses of Microwaves and Gamma Rays
  • Climate Change


  • How a Compass Works
  • How to Make an Electromagnet Stronger
  • How a Motor Works
  • How is Potential Induced in a Generator
  • How a Transformer Induces Current


  • Life Cycle of Stars
  • Orbits
  • Evidence for the Expanding Universe
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