MANIAC MAGEE Figurative Language Bundle
Maniac Magee contains many Figurative Language examples for students to examine. They will need to analyze and determine which of the following it is:

> Simile
> Metaphor
> Idiom
> Hyperbole
> Analogy
> Personification
> Onomatopoeia
> Allusion
> Pun

TEXT: Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli
GRADE LEVEL: 4th-8th

This resource can be purchased as part of MANIAC MAGEE Unit Teaching Package bundle.

Students will analyze a page of idioms and compare their literal vs. figurative meanings.

They will analyze a page of quotes and determine whether they contain a simile or metaphor.

They will analyze quotes and determine the figurative device and explain its meaning.

Enjoy Maniac Magee! And remember, if Maniac can wave at people, so can we!
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