Has that pile of books been sitting on your desk for over a week? Why not print out some stickers and get sticking! I use a range of stickers to encourage student feedback. It's an excellent way to save some time but also encourage a dialogue. Credit to A. Wilkes for inspiration. You will require various label size papers but there are some standard envelope ones. Sticker sizes include: standard address label, 25x25, 64x64 and others. Comments are appreciated. This paper can be purchased online and put into any printer. Comments are appreciated. Images are taken from Microsoft Office Clip-Art collections and used in line with MS policy.


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  • Peer Assessment.doc
  • Literacy Skills Larger.doc
  • Lesson Feedback.doc
  • GCSE Past Paper.doc
  • GCSE-Sources.doc
  • Capital-Letters.doc
  • A-Using-Connectives.doc
  • Creative-Thinking.doc
  • Deatailed-Diagram.doc
  • Effective-Participator.doc
  • Evidence-Well-Selected.doc
  • Excellent-Presentation.doc
  • Excellent-Research.doc
  • Excellent-Use-of-Language.doc
  • Great-Level-of-Detail.doc
  • Great-Original-Idea.doc
  • Historical-Facts.doc
  • Picture-Source-Well-Used.doc
  • Sources-Are-Well-Used.doc
  • Strong-Judgement.doc
  • Well-Summed-Up.doc
  • A-GCSE-Feeling.doc
  • A-GCSE-Highlight-Notes.doc
  • CS_IAKyWoAEIJrE.jpg

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