Maths Addition Games and Subtraction Games Within 20

**Engage your pupils with these FUN addition and subtraction within 20 games. Perfect for hands-on learning in your maths lessons! Great for improving fluency with adding and subtracting facts. Simply laminate, cut out and have fun! **

Included in the pack are:

  • Playing pieces & die, 0-20 number lines to check answers (count on or back to solve the +/-).

  • Fishing Fun game (in colour and B+W), instructions– who will be first to solve the additions?

  • Mind the Crabs game (in colour and B+W), instructions – solve the additions and try to avoid the crabs.

  • Under the Water game (in colour and B+W), instructions – solve the subtractions and try to be first to reach the turtles!

  • Turtle Beach game (in colour and B+W), instructions. Solve the subtractions and try to tiptoe past the turtles.

  • Seal Sprint game (in colour and B+W), instructions –work out the answers to the additions and subtractions as you make your way to the seals!

  • Fab Crab Race game (in colour and B+W) instructions – take turns to roll the die & solve the addition or subtraction which you land on. Who will be first to reach the end?

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