A Maths game that works on revising some key vocabulary such as prime numbers, multiples and using the greater than and less than symbol as well as opening up varied discussion about why particular numbers fit where they do or why they should be used elsewhere. Everything needed to play this is attached including an explanation of the rules. Perfect for a starter, plenary or just for a 5-10 minute break where they can practise some reasoning activities.


  • Chart.pdf
  • Grid-labels.pdf
  • Grid-Rules.pdf
  • Joker-cards.pdf
  • Maths-grid-game-numbers.pdf

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2 Reviews

  • 4
    user avatarDaveGale6 months agoreport

    Nice problem solving activity that has a nice little puzzle aspect to it. I can see this generating lots of discussions. Thanks.

    • user avatarkrisgreg30Reply from Author6 months ago

      Glad it's useful to you :)

  • 5
    user avatareven2919 months agoreport

    Great graphics, good resource.

    • user avatarkrisgreg30Reply from Author9 months ago

      Thanks for your review :) I'm glad you find it useful