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A Medical Ethics Unit lasting 12 hours (one lesson is a double) that was created for Year 9 RE, but could easily be used for a capable Year 8 or none-GCSE KS4 group.

Each lesson is very detailed, editable and differentiated three ways with colour-coded challenge tasks for every activity. The lessons are very easy to follow as all the instructions are on the PowerPoints and worksheets. Each of the individual lessons have had excellent reviews so far.

The unit includes:

  1. What are the religious and ethical views on abortion? A lesson exploring the pro-choice and pro-life debate and introducing the concept of sanctity and quality of life.
  2. What are the religious and ethical views on euthanasia? A lesson examining the quality vs sanctity of life debate in detail while examining types of euthanasia and religious views on these.
  3. Stem Cell Research - an investigation into embryology and the controversial issues surrounding the science. The lesson investigates how scripture can be applied to these issues and why there is so much debate.
  4. Capital Punishment and The Death Penalty - a two hour lesson which focuses on capital punishment, its legal status around the world, the moral and religious arguments for and against and the history of the death penalty.
  5. Drugs and morality - a lesson exploring the moral and religious debate around drug use before examining religious quotes and practicing GCSE style exam questions.
  6. Genetic Engineering - an overview lesson on test tube and designer babies as well as religious objections to the technology, with a focus on Christianity and Islam.
  7. An detailed article with differentiated comprehension questions all about the ethics, morality and faux-science of the anti-vaxxer movement.
  8. Why do some religions have objections to particular medical technologies and procedures?
  9. IVF - what is this and what are the different religious views towards it?
  10. What do Islam and Christianity believe about medical death?
  11. Religion and science - are they forever destined to work against each other, or can they work together?
  12. Assessment, feedback and mark scheme
  13. Scheme of work

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2 years ago

Brilliant, just what I need for my y10s last week of term huge thankyou


3 years ago

Great collection of lessons on medical ethics, really comprehensive, thanks

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