Metacognition & Mind-Mapping Skills [Mind-Maps - Metacognitive Tool - 11/20]

This product contains everything you need to bring Mind-Mapping to your school. Mind-mapping is an essential metacognitive skill since it:

  • Allows students to organise and consolidate ideas
  • Enhances note-taking
  • Is ideal for revision
  • Synergises with other learning-skills (such as research, deep-reading, & listening skills)

By teaching students about mind-mapping and encouraging them to practice: it creates a holistic benefit for all of their studies.

This download includes ten resources and is a comprehensive and definitive way to address mind-mapping skills training in your school, those ten resources are:

  1. Introducing Mind-Maps
  2. Introduction, Applications & Benefits of Mind-Maps
  3. Mind-Map Reading Comprehension Templates (x10)
  4. Mind-Map Worksheets to Use With Long Documentaries
  5. The Mind-Map Challenge
  6. Mind-Maps for Brainstorming & Group Work (P4C Related)
  7. Video Learning Session [Videos About Mind-Mapping & A3 Worksheets (x3)]
  8. Generic Mind-Map Practice Templates (x4)
  9. Using Mind-Maps for Speed Reading & Fast Note-Taking
  10. Mind-Maps for Personal Reflection & DIRT (A3 & A4 Worksheets)

As you can see, the mind-mapping practice activities also connect with broader metacognitive and learning-power skills and development. Download today to help teach this important metacognitive skill to your students!

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We offer a range of whole-school metacognition resources that aim to enhance metacognitive skills and strategies in students aged 11-16. You can download individual resources or buy our ‘Whole School Metacognition Toolkits’ that make establishing a whole-school metacognition initiative easy.

Our resources specialise in:

  • Boosting Learning-Power
  • Teaching Metacognitive Skills & Strategies
  • Increasing Metacognitive Power (Intelligence, Memory etc.)

These resources are made and distributed in partnership with The Global Metacognition Institute.
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