Microcontroller training board project & workbook (PICAXE)

This resource is based on the construction of training board using the guide provided. A ten page workbook guides students through practical activities to investigate the function of various commands.

A PCB design and construction design sheet is provided to allow the manufacture of the training board by students or technician. The project is based on a PICAXE 18 microcontroller. A PCB design is provided but for a copy of the PCB layout in CWZ format please contact: ed@clarvis.co.uk (TES does not allow the attachment of these files), with a bonus 8pin and 18pin PICAXE download PCB.

  • The training board consists of:
  • 4 coloured LEDs connected to outputs
  • A piezo sounder
  • Two push switches connected to digital inputs
  • A reset switch
  • An LDR connected to analogue input
  • A thermistor input connected to analogue input
  • A potentiometer connected to analogue input

The course workbook covers the following learning objectives:

Part 1: Introduction
Know what PIC stands for
Know the advantages of a PIC over a conventional circuit
Know how PICs can be programmed

Part 2: Transducers and signal types
Know the difference between an input transducer and an output transducer
Know the difference between a digital and analogue signal
Know which transducers use analogue signals
Know which transducers use digital signals

Part 3: Turning things on and off
Know how to use the HIGH command Know how to use the LOW command Know how to use the TOGGLE command Know how to use the WAIT command Know how to use the PAUSE command

Part 4: Using the PINs command
Know the advantage of the PINS command Know how to use the PINS command

Part 5: Making decisions
Know how to use the IF command

Part 6: Subroutines
Know the advantages of using subroutines
Know how to write a program using subroutines
Know how to use the GOSUB command

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