Middle School Exit Tickets
Middle School Exit Slips are based on Common Core Literature Standards and can be used with any selection, any day!

Just print, cut, and distribute! CCSS Aligned

You can use each of the twenty-one tickets several times throughout the year with different literature selections.

Although these are titled “Exit Tickets,” they can be used as activating strategies, homework slips, prompts for extemporaneous speeches, task cards… The uses are MANY. I have found these cards to be very successful with collaborative pairs as an informal assessment.

Each of the 21 printable pages has four Exit Tickets. If you need 40 exit tickets, simply make 10 copies. Print, then cut along the lines. You may choose to laminate and keep them in a Ziplock bag to use more than once. (Since they work with any selection, students will benefit from repeated practice!)

Two Exit Tickets that are included in this product:
*How did the main character change during the story?
(based on CCSS)
*How might the story change if the ending was different?
(based on Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Each card will be the same size (easy collecting and stacking!). A box at the bottom of each card is provided for the score (easy grading!).

I have also added 14 Bonus Exit Ticket ideas (common core aligned) that are more specific- PLUS a blank Exit Ticket page. Write in your own idea!

These bonus tickets might not work well with every story, but when you find one that works for your selection, simply: cut, paste, and print!

Exit Slips are the tickets to get out of the door. They help students process what they've learned by allowing them to reflect and summarize.

Thank you!
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