MUSIC BINGO Signs and Symbols

**A set of 3 tiered Music Bingo Games based on common musical signs and symbols. Level 1 would be suitable for beginners to reading music; Level 2 would be suitable for slightly more confident readers; Level 3 for more advanced students. **

Each of the 3 Bingo Games in this set has 15 different signs and symbols – a total of 45 different signs and symbols in the set. Each game has 12 unique playing cards, which can very realistically be doubled up for a class of 24 students. Each game also has a master calling card containing 2 clues (one easier, one more difficult) to describe each of the 15 signs and symbols on the calling card. Each unique playing card has a total of 9 of the 15 signs or symbols on it.

This set of 3 is specifically designed to facilitate and accommodate progress, working really well as both a fun revision tool and a general learning tool.

The Level 1 game is suitable for beginners, being based on basic accidentals, basic note durations and their rests, and basic clef symbols.

The Level 2 game is suitable for slightly more experienced musicians, being based on common structural signs, common time signature symbols, and dynamic/ articulation markings.

The Level 3 game is suitable for more confident musicians, being based on common ornament signs, and more specific structural and performance instructions (eg. sustain pedal on piano, coda sign, etc.

This set is available as part of a 6-pack Bingo Bundle, here: [].

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Created: Sep 6, 2019

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Game, puzzle, quiz

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Game, puzzle, quiz

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Game, puzzle, quiz

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