Music Centers: Rhythm Race Counting Edition Level 9 - Rhythm Game

This is a super fun (yet truly educational!) game where students race to the finish line by counting the number of beats on a card! Use in your daily lessons, as part of center activities, or as a great sub plan!

This is Level 9: Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Beamed Eighth Notes, Half Note, Whole Note, Beamed Sixteenth Note, Beamed Sixteenth/Eighth, Beamed Eighth/Sixteenth, Single Eighth Note, Single Sixteenth Note, Single Eighth Note, Dotted Half Note, Whole Rest, and Half Rest

In the game, each student will draw a card and count up the number of counts on each card. Then, they can move their game piece (provided by you ) the number of counts on the card. There are also some game cards like "Wreck: Skip Your Turn!"

Your students will LOVE playing this game in Rhythm Centers or as a stand-alone activity! You will verbally hear them calling out the names of the notes as the move forward and check each other.

In this resource:
• Game board in Black and White.
• Game board in Color.
• Cards to print out (8 cards to one sheet of paper).
• Directions for Teacher.
• Directions for Students - print out and put in the packet for students!


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Created: May 1, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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