My BodyBoard - Social & Emotional Health

My BodyBoard Emotional Health Interactive magnetic display consists of a magnetic board and magnetic pack with 93 different picture magnets. Teachers can engage with individual students and groups to discuss social and emotional health related topics. Students select magnetic pictures and then place them on the My BodyBoard as the discussion or lesson progresses. A full lesson plan and pop lock folder is included with each pack, making this a great tool for PSHE educators.

My BodyBoard Emotional Health pack includes the following components:

Faces with different expressions Emoticons to communicate mood such as anger, sadness, confusion or joy Scenarios or situations, such as parental support, exclusion, bullying Thought Bubbles, such as "In two minds" or "Walking a tightrope" Physical Feelings, such as sweaty palms, or having butteflies

The board can be fastened to the wall as a longterm display or placed on one of My BodyBoard’s telescopic easels. My BodyBoards are designed to be visually appealing and large enough to set up as a display for use as an interactive tool for an interesting lesson. A carry case is also available for use with MyBodyBoard Emotional Health.

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