Neurodiversity Strengths Checklist - useful for SEND and INCLUSION departments

Psychometric and neurocognitive assessments are important when assessing need. But what about individual strengths? My background is in neuroscience although I also work as an Assistant SENCo within my local school. I wanted to design a useful tool so assessing neurocognitive strengths would be easy for individuals without a neuroscience background. Once these are found then designing bespoke intervention becomes an easier task.

While some neurodiversities can make certain tasks more difficult, they can equally be of benefit in other areas. Neurodiverse minds have a great many strengths and schools need various tools to help them recognise what they are for each individual. The NSC is a non-diagnostic tool that can help professionals working in schools identify where the neurodiverse strengths are for each individual student. Neurodiversity assumes everyone everywhere has neurodiverse strengths. The ethos behind the NSC is that it is down to each professional within every school to do everything reasonably possible to search for these strengths and attempt to develop them in a proactive and positive way in order to develop the students learning abilities.

I hope people find it useful.

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