New AQA A-level Chemistry foldable FLASH CARDS of definitions for ALL year 1 and AS topics
Support your students to learn the definitions they need for all the year 1 and AS topics in the new specification A-level chemistry!

Each word document contains definitions that can be cut, individually folded over and used to revise or learn the accepted AQA definitions of key words and concepts for every topic.

Students should print the sheets in A3 or A4 and then cut each definition into a strip. Fold over and glue together to give a robust card. Shuffle and test yourself or each other. Keep each topic separate or mix it up, the units are marked on each card so they can easily be re-sorted. Fold and laminate for a longer lasting set.

Good for starter activities, revision and test yourself!

This resource contains definitions for:
3.1.1 Atomic structure
3.1.2 Amount of substance
3.1.3 Bonding
3.1.4 Energetics
3.1.5 Kinetics
3.1.6 Equilibria
3.1.7 Redox
3.2.1 Periodicity
3.2.2 Group 2 the alkaline earth metals
3.2.3 Group 7 the halogens
3.3.1 Introduction to organic chemistry
3.3.2 Alkane
3.3.3 Halogenoalkanes
3.3.4 Alkenes
3.3.5 Alcohols
3.3.6 Organic Analysis
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  • 3.1.1-Atomic-structure-definitions.docx
  • 3.1.2-Amount-of-substance.docx
  • 3.1.3-Bonding.docx
  • 3.1.3-Shapes-and-Structure.docx
  • 3.1.4-Energetics.docx
  • 3.1.5-Kinetics.docx
  • 3.1.6-Equilibria.docx
  • 3.1.7-Redox.docx
  • 3.2.1-Periodicity.docx
  • 3.2.2-Group-2-the-alkaline-earth-metals.docx
  • 3.2.3-Group-7-the-halogens.docx
  • 3.3.1-Introduction-to-organic-chemistry.docx
  • 3.3.2-Alkanes.docx
  • 3.3.2-Environmental-Chemistry.docx
  • 3.3.3-Halogenoalkanes.docx
  • 3.3.4-Alkenes.docx
  • 3.3.5-Alcohols.docx
  • 3.3.6-Organic-Analysis.docx

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