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I am a secondary school & A-level Science teacher, specialising in Biology. I am also an experienced AQA GCSE Biology Examiner. My resources contain a mix of Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons aimed at meeting specification points for the new AQA Trilogy GCSE course and KS3 Activate course. All of my lessons include at least one opportunity for self-assessment, a range of activities to suit students of all abilities, a set of differentiated starter questions and a plenary.

This bundle of resources contains 13 lessons which meet all learning outcomes within the 'Inheritance, variation & evolution' unit for the NEW AQA Biology Specification.

Lessons include:

1. Sexual and asexual reproduction
2. Meiosis
3. Gene expression & inheritance
4. DNA structure & protein synthesis
5. Inherited disorders & genetic screening
6. Variation
7. Selective breeding
8. Genetic engineering
9. Ethics of gene technologies
10. Evolution by natural selection
11. Evidence for evolution - Fossils
12. Extinction
13. Evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria

The lessons contain a mix of differentiated activities, progress checks, extra challenge questions and exam questions plus more than one opportunity, per lesson, for self/peer red-pen assessment of tasks.




a year ago

Not had a chance to look at the content but missing the classification parts.


2 years ago

Not of the promised standard.<br /> 1) the specification explicitly says that the stages of meiosis/mitosis are not required, yet these are covered in the second lesson<br /> 2) the extra &quot;challenge questions&quot; are not present in the lessons I've taught so far<br /> 3) the &quot;exam questions&quot; supposed to be present in every lesson are made up &quot;exam style questions&quot; so not real markschemes for the students to get used to.<br /> <br /> The lessons are a decent starting point, but because of the improving/checking against the spec that is needed, it doesn't save me the time I was hoping to save, and I'm better off updating my own resources to match the new spec.


3 years ago

I love your resources and they save me so much time. Can I please make a suggestion that you bundle together the HT lessons as for me to purchase those on top of the foundation bundles costs the same price.


3 years ago

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