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This fully resourced lesson is professionally designed for the new AQA Sociology GCSE specification (8192). This resource can now be downloaded as a part of a complete 20-lesson bundle.

This is lesson 18 of our 20 lesson course for the ‘Social Stratification’ section; it focusses on new research, data and evidence from a UK, US and Global perspective.

The download includes a choice of two lessons to cover the material. Teachers can choose between two formats depending on their teaching style and the learning-style/needs of the students. You could also teach the two included approaches as two separate lessons to enhance learning. The download is also ideal if you are hoping for students to use and practice numeracy skills in your sociology class.

The download includes:
-A detailed lesson plan: highlighting differentiation, AfL, key-words, SMSC and a timeline of learning activities (.pdf) (x2)
-2 x A premium quality PowerPoint presentations (fully animated) that covers the entire lesson
-A knowledge hunt file with detailed statistical information, graphs, official statistics and research (15+ A4 sides) (.pdf)
-6 x A3 exam question planning group-work sheets that ask students to connect statistical data to potential exam questions.
-Images for a poster design task

All lessons are designed around the new AQA specification, we take considerable time making the highest quality lessons. The cover picture depicts some of the tasks contained within the lesson and the quality of resources: contents may vary depending on the topic and subject-matter.

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This lesson can be downloaded as a part of a 20-lesson bundle, saving you money. We’ve made complete resources for the entire GCSE Sociology course, browse them in our TES Shop:

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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


Social Stratification (20 Lessons) [ GCSE Sociology ] Power & Authority

This bundle contains 20 lessons for the 'Social Stratification' section of the new GCSE Sociology specification. This bundle was updated in March 2020 so that all of the PowerPoints are in the standard format and, consequently, more easy to edit than before. Whilst it is useful to any teacher of Sociology, it was designed for the new AQA Sociology GCSE specification (8192) taught from September 2017. It is designed to be a self-contained, comprehensive and complete resource: everything a teacher/department need to teach the social stratification section of the course. Each lesson comes in a .Zip file which contains: -A detailed lesson plan: highlighting differentiation, AfL, key-words, SMSC and a timeline of learning activities (.pdf) -A premium quality, editable, PowerPoint Presentation -Homework \[-Most of the lessons include a worksheet (double-sided A4 or A3)\] We take considerable time making the highest quality lessons and we believe these are the best GCSE Sociology resources money can buy, positive reviews are greatly appreciated (and rewarded, just email me). Our intention is to have the other units of the new GCSE Sociology course available by June. Feel free to contact us if you need additional resources creating: PS: AQA Sociology GCSE Teachers' Facebook Group here: PLEASE NOTE: Minimum system requirements: 512MB RAM, 1.5ghz processor. Microsoft Office. Contents may vary slightly from those pictured; which do, however, represent the quality of lessons. . **Check-out some of our most popular resources on TES!** **GCSE Religious Studies** * [Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit)]( * [Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units)]( * [Christianity (Thematic Studies Units)]( * [Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit)]( * [Hinduism (Thematic Studies Units)]( * [ Islam (Thematic Studies Units)]( . GCSE Religious Studies Facebook Community: .    **GCSE Sociology Resources** * [Complete Units (Whole Course)]( . GCSE Sociology Facebook Community:  .  **AS/A2 Revision Sessions** * [OCR Religious Studies]( * [AQA Philosophy]( * [AQA Sociology](  .  **Philosophy for Children (P4C)** * [The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack]( * [The Debating Society Toolkit]( * [Philosophy Boxes]( . **Download new Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources** at You can download some **FREE Metacognitive Strategies** here: And **learn all about metacognition & self-regulated learning** for free here: **Join our community on Facebook!**: . . **Other Tools** * [A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!)]( * [KS3 RE Units](





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