New School Year Album - Visualizing My Goals

Back to school is a fantastic time to know your students’ expectations and goals. This resource is perfect for students who are starting a new school year, term or a new activity.


  • Your students set clear and powerful goals. When children visualize themselves achieving their goals, it is easier for them to make them happen and their self esteem grows.
  • Your Students become aware about the process of achieving their own goals and increase the motivation to do their best.
  • The more your students visualize, the more focused they will be, and the more desire they will develop for making their goals come true.

This visualization album has two versions, each one with small design changes. The album includes 8 different pages that your kids complete by drawing and writing their goals and expectations for the new school year.

Here are the specifics:

Print the two files in two sheets on both sides of the paper (back and front)
Fold the two sheets in half.
Bind the pages together in the shape of a book and staple it between along the folded edge.

I hope you and your students have a wonderful year and all your goals and expectations come true. :)

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Created: Mar 23, 2018

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