Number and Algebra Learning Plans
These documents provide detailed teaching pedagogy for the majority Number and Algebra topics taught to ages 11 to 16. They specify key learning objectives, and explain how to develop 'first principle' understanding by ensuring all techniques and methods follow a consistent explanation. Division, as an example, can be applied with absolute consistency to all areas of Pure Mathematics; avoiding tricks and teaching a pure understanding of the meaning of "divide by" as opposed to "divide into" and the need to ensure terms have the same denomination is paramount to securing long term understanding.
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  • Arithmetic-overview-KS3.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic1-Positive-and-negative-integers.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic2a-Equivalent-Fractions-and-Ratios.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic2b-Fractions-and-the-four-operations.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic3a-Decimals-and-the-four-operations.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic3b-Rounding-decimals.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic4-Equivalence-of-fractions--decimals-and-percentages.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic5-Proportions-of-amounts-and-ratio.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic6-Factors-and-Multiples.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic7a-Indices-and-standard-form.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic7b-Powers-and-Roots.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic8-Sequences.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic9a-Algebraic-expressions--collecting-terms--solving-equations-and-simultaneous-equations.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic9b-Multiplying-out-brackets-and-factorising.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic9c-Coordinate-geometry-and-understanding-graphs.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic9d-Quadratic-equations-and-graphs.docx
  • KS3-Arithmetic10-Functions-and-formulae.docx

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