Numbers and Place Value - R.E.D. (Review Every Day)
Give students the review they need to master the skill!

If there is one thing I have learned since I began teaching math to 5th graders 10 years ago, it is that students must practice a skill repeatedly. Just because a student is able to multiply decimals for the chapter test, does not mean they will remember the skill a month later.

With this in mind, each day I set aside a portion of time to practice previously taught skills. From this practice, RED, Review Every Day, was born. This packet contains 28 quick review half sheets focused on decimals. The skills reviewed are aligned to the 5th grade Common Core Standards.

This Review Every Day includes the following Number & Place Value skills: Identifying place value, numbers in standard form, numbers in expanded form, numbers in word form, ordering numbers by value, comparing numbers, and rounding numbers. Please note that this packet does NOT teach the skill, but only serves to review the skill after you have taught it to the students.

Each review has anywhere from 8 to 12 questions. In my classroom I spread the 28 lessons out and usually do not use them one day after another. I have other RED lessons that I would mix and match. So, for instance, Monday might be Fractions 1 and Tuesday might be Decimals 1. By Friday, I may be ready to use Fractions 2.

Each review is a half-sheet. Lesson 1 and Lesson 3 are on page 1. Lesson 2 and Lesson 4 are on page 2. I do this intentionally. If you run page 1 on the front and page 2 on the back and then cut the sheet in half, you will have Fractions 1 on the front and Fractions 2 on the back. The entire document is set up this way. This saves paper, and allows the teacher to teach the lessons in order and in a more efficient way.

At the back of the packet you will find the answer key which provides the answers to all questions.
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