Of Mice and Men: scheme of work

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A completed scheme of work for those studying John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, as posted in English forum, with attached resources including many worksheets. This scheme can be used in collaboration with the other 2 sets of resources posted on this resource bank.

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CreatedDec 11, 2006
UpdatedAug 28, 2014

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    user avatarisabelmoller5 months agoReport

    Thank you so much for this resource.

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    user avatarbarbaraosei5 months agoReport

    Thank you much, I really needed this.

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    user avatarregulus436 months agoReport

    A really useful resource; thank you.

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    user avatarTsougria110 months agoReport

    As a home tutor, working with ill students, this is an excellent resource to support me through a subject I have not taught at this level. Thank you

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    user avataremmasnuga year agoReport

    Great resource, many thanks

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