Orton Gillingham Spelling Series: Level C
This is a NO PREP - just Copy and Go! zipped PDF multisensory spelling resource with 11 complete lessons: -ing suffix; -ed /id/ suffix; y = /long i/; open syllable; open compound words; vce & syllable type; VC/V; vowel team & syllables; sight words; doubling rule; r-controlled & syllables; spelling strategies; writing opportunities; and basic information regarding spelling research; cognitive skills and syllable types - to name just a few skills!

This is the third of a eight-series spelling program based on sequential, direct, and explicit teaching!. The next Level D resource will be finalized in June, continuing to develop skills based on review of the prior levels and presentation of new skills. So please come by to visit again each month to see what is available.

There are two files available, one with color throughout the resource; and the other with REDUCED color pages, for saving color ink. However, the pictures that are part of the presentation of lessons are in color. It is my experience that students prefer colored pictures and react better to understanding concepts. Please review both files before deciding what you want to print.

Please review the preview file to see the format of each unit; each provides continuity to support student understanding. Not all lessons are included in the preview. Each skill builds upon the previous lessons, a must for lessons to be Orton Gillingham based. Word study using a structured language approach helps teachers and parents to develop student spelling and reading skills.

Thank you for taking time to consider/purchase this multisensory resource! If you have questions, please contact me at ekennyfoggin@gmail.com

Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin
M. S., M. A., OG-TT (IMSLEC)

Key Terms: Dyslexia; Turner Syndrome; OG; Orton-Gillingham; OG tutor; Wilson games; decoding; encoding; speech; reading fluency; reading comprehension; structured language literacy; IMSLEC; OG-TT; Orton; struggling readers; IMSLEC; Fun stuff; remediation; differentiation; liz kenny; useful for wilson reading teachers; word sorts; word study; IMSLEC; OG-TT; OG-T; OG-Th
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Created: May 18, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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