Pastel Smartphone Behavior Chart

►What’s Included?◄
You will receive:
-the above Smartphone printable, which is roughly 8 x 8 inches and 300 pixels per inch (ppi), ensuring crisp quality when printed.

►How to Use◄
Finally, a redesign (and more personalized version) of the most popular classwide behavior intervention used by teachers today!

The gist is this: Start the day with your child or student’s token/clothespin/clip on the green area of the chart. Throughout the day, when your child or student makes a good decision in the home or classroom, instruct them to move their token/clip up the chart. When bad decisions are made, they move their token/clip down the chart. This visual allows the child to self-monitor his or her own behaviors.

It is a particularly effective intervention when reinforced with rewards. For example, if you end the day in the purple or green area of the chart, you get a sticker or piece of candy.

This intervention can be used throughout the whole day, but it is also effective for shorter durations or transitions. A common example for parents: if your child has difficulty following their bedtime routine, you can implement the chart at the start of the evening and offer a reinforcement right before bed if they end the night on the green or purple area of the chart. A common example for teachers: if your students struggle with a less preferred activity, such as large group instructional time, you can implement the behavior chart at the beginning of instructional time and rewards all students who end instructional time with their tokens in the green or purple areas of their charts.

► Terms of Use ◄
This artwork is copyrighted by Roots To Growth. This purchase is strictly for non-commercial use only. You may print and use in your home, business, or public place but may not resell, reproduce, distribute by electronic means or profit in any way from the design. Unlimited amount of copies can be made for your personal use.


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