My experiences teaching maths mastery with children taking their first steps in maths have been so powerful, creative and fun that I wanted to share them. I hope you enjoy the resources and teaching early maths mastery as much as I do!

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Begin your maths mastery journey in Reception with this Pattern unit of work for Autumn 1.

Updated for the September 2021 EYFS Statutory Framework and revised Development Matters non-statutory curriculum guidance

Pattern is at the heart of mathematics and the comprehensive unit for EYFS will encourage your pupils to notice, explore and generalise patterns in a fun and age-appropriate way.

The unit includes a range of activities, either for continuous provision or for a specifically maths-focused number time, as well as maths inputs and small group work. Due to the open-ended, inclusive nature of the planning, many activities will also be suitable or easy to adapt for preschool children.

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If you are following the Early Maths Mastery long term plan, this is Unit 1 and falls in Week 1 of the autumn term.

Inputs and activities are carried out in mixed-ability groups so that all children are exposed to the same rich language and ideas. There is a great deal of variation, scaffolding and over-learning to enable all children to “keep up”. Lots of opportunities for challenge are presented. Some of the extensions are beyond the scope of many pupils starting school or in preschool, however, they are included to enable you and your staff to cater for gifted pupils and also understand how to extend pupils as they move through the learning journey.

This resource includes:

  • A comprehensive planning document
  • A suggested long-term maths mastery plan for Reception covering the Number and Numerical Patterns Early Learning Goals as well as other aspects of a rich mathemat.
  • Key ideas and common misconceptions
  • A focus activity for the unit of work
  • A range of independent activities and notes on progression
  • Question prompts for adults working with the children
  • ‘Keep up’ support ideas
  • Greater depth challenge ideas and suggested extensions
  • A resources file for printing to support the unit’s activities.

Hopefully this resource will have more than you need to give your pupils a rich and solid understanding of pattern. Have fun!

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Autumn Term Reception Maths Mastery Planning

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2 years ago

Love the planning and ideas. Amazing, thanks.

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