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Pull up a chair at our table to learn about perimeter and area in this fun song & video (and no animals on the dinner table please!) We use tables to show area and chairs to represent perimeter in this easy to understand introduction to 2-dimensional geometry for all ages.

Perimeter and Area COMPONENTS:

Perimeter and Area Animated music video [HD Download]
Our flagship product. Each takes 250+ hours to write & animate.

Perimeter and Area Lyric sheet for singing along
Your students can sing along as the music video plays.

Fill in the blanks/cloze (lyrics w/ some missing words)
After they watch the video, they master the math vocabulary by filling in the missing words.

Double sided worksheet with word problems
Well thought-out questions and word problems which challenge critical thinking skills.

Extra drills printable
Early Finishers - Not So Fast! Straightforward math problems to move towards mastery.

Perimeter and Area HW sheet
Video-Aligned homework that maintains the style and format of the animated video.

Colorful Digital Poster/Anchor Chart
High-Resolution posters/anchor charts print on multiple 8.5 x 11 sheets. A how-to video guides you through assembly.

Math Game!
Reinforce learning topics with a fun math game that can be played in small groups or as a whole class.

Short quiz/exit slip to check for understanding
When activity is complete, check for concept mastery with short quiz.

Answer Key
Detailed answer key. Rest-assured, all answers are double and triple-checked for accuracy.

High Quality Song File
Get the song on a high quality MP3 file and play the song during break or lunch.

Clear Lesson Plan Sheet Illuminating Classroom Best Practice:
Get my personal recommendations for how to introduce the material and set-up the lesson as I do in class.

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