30 pages of phonics activities perfect for practising alien words from phase 2-5 for the Phonics screening check.


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Created: Jan 5, 2017

Updated: May 16, 2017

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    I've been working through this with my class. Great resource, the chn love the activities. Focuses on 'reading' the words, so very phonic screening focused! Perfect, thank you!

    • user avatarlittlemisstechnicalReply from Author6 days ago

      Thank you ☺ please check out my shop for more resources!

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    We have 2 weeks off before phonics screening so this will be great for children to do over the 2 weeks. Lots of activities to keep them busy as well as practicing. Thanks

    • user avatarlittlemisstechnicalReply from Author7 days ago

      Thank you for a lovely review :) Please check out my shop for more Phonics resources x

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    It is such a good resource, lots of different activities on different sounds etc. Very useful However the font varies page to page and for me, the mix of upper and lower case letters in words isn't suitable for KS1. I need to spend time adapting pages if I want to use them (which isn't the point of downloading great resources).

    • user avatarlittlemisstechnicalReply from Author9 days ago

      Hi Rebecca It is ONLY THE TITLES that are like us due to the funky font, I think 2 stars is a little unfair for such a simple issue that if u had messaged me I could easily have changed for u :(

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    user avatarJasminDukea month agoreport

    Thank you, will be giving this to my year 1 class children for extra phonics practice in the afternoon from summer term as they can now read instructions independently. thanks for the hard work put into it!

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    I haven't used this resource yet but looking through it I think it will be a huge hit with my students. Thanks so much littlemisstechnical for producing such a fab resource. 👏👏👏