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242 Page phonics spelling & phonics reading book! SEE VIDEO.

Complete phonics book which can be used alongside any phonics scheme
Beginning with group 1 phonics sounds, and logically and sequentially building to cover all blends, digraphs, trigraphs and dipthongs in English phonics.

For each sound, blend, digraph, trigraph or diphthong there are 5 or 6 phonics pages:

  • Add the blend or digraph to the word and connect to the matching picture
  • Clear clip-art (black and white - perfect for colouring) labeling page using 9 carefully chosen example phone words/clip-art
  • followed by a fun read and draw page
  • Write the blend or digraph and read the words with the aid of sound buttons and lines under each grapheme.
  • Find, highlight and write the words containing each specific blend (or digraph, trigraph etc.)
  • then a cloze page of decoadable sentences which have been carefully sequenced to progressively incorporate words that are consistent with the letters and corresponding phonemes that have been taught to the new reader/speller in previous pages of the book (plus sight words)

Could be made into a 242 page phonics workbook, or individual pages can be printed off and photocopied.

(I have uploaded two versions of the book - the original 168 page standard version, and a 242 extended version)

Perfect for beginner readers and spellers.
Also great for EAL students to help build vocabulary alongside reading and spelling skills.
Made by an experienced phonics teacher, and used in classrooms weekly.

#phonics #spelling #reading

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Phonics Home Learning

Phonics Spelling Home Learning Pack. honics book + phonics worksheets Includes 100s of pages of worksheets covering the majority of the UK phonics covered during reception, year 1 and year 2 at school. Designed by a year 1 school teacher and used in many schools around the world Special bundle price with my best phonics resources. Limited time offer, available only during Covid19 school closures.


Phase 3/4 Phonics Bundle

Phase 3 and Phase 4 Phonics Worksheet Bundle Includes: * My best selling Phonics Book (Most of phase 3/4/5 covered) * 4 large Phase 3 worksheet packs (with extra example words and worksheet styles) * beautifully designed phase 2/3 phonics mats Very proud of these resources and I used them with my year 1 class most weeks as worksheets, teaching aids, and displays. All worksheets designed with close reference to Letters and Sound Planning documents and Jolly Phonics word lists.


Phonics Helper Bundle

**Helpful phonics bundle** for Letters and Sounds phases 3 & 5 **all graphemes covered.** Includes; * my best selling 242 page phonics book * a carefully designed, and very useful phase 2 and 3 phonics mat * a similar style double-sided, flippable phase 5 mat * phase 3, sets 6 & 7 differentiated worksheets * phase 3, sets 7 & 8 worksheets * phase 3, sets 8,9 & 10 * Split digraph flashcards * a helpful medial vowel sounds mat * a fun phase 3 tricky words game * fun partner write & read activity worksheets * /er/ digraph labeling worksheets * /oo/ digraph labeling worksheets * /igh/ trigraph labeling worksheets





9 months ago

Such a fantastic resource! So well designed! It has helped a number of my slower learners to read and spell. All the children I use it with LOVE and ENJOY it. Thank you so much.


2 years ago

WOW! The best thing I've bought all year. I use pages from this a couple of times every week. Great time saver. Thanks so much.


3 years ago

Brilliant resource! So good that I will not have to find any other phonics worksheets ever again! It is all here from letters and sounds phase 1 to phase 5. Great choices of images which my students love colouring, the reading and drawing pages are great, and the cloze sentences are fun, clever and readable. Keeps students engaged and really helps them learn to spell and read. Thank you so much!


3 years ago

Love this resource! Everything exactly where you need it and very engaging activities for the children. Thanks so much!


3 years ago

My students have really enjoyed using this workbook which is lots of fun and encourages the child's language development in an effective manner. I fully recommend it for classroom and home use. A first class additional resource for any elementary teacher or home tutor.

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