Plant Growth, Reproduction and Life Cycle Lessons with Interactive Student Notebook Lessons
This 36 slide PowerPoint equips students to identify processes of sexual reproduction in flowering plants, including pollination, fertilization, seed dispersal, and germination. Students will also identify the reproductive structures of a flower and their functions. Students will compare and contrast the major stages in the life cycles of flowering and nonflowering seed-bearing plants. The first lesson reviews how plants are classified, and then moves into flower anatomy. Flower anatomy is followed by plant reproduction, pollination and fertilization. The final two lessons are on methods of seed dispersal and plant life cycles. Included are the interactive student notes that coincide with the PowerPoint. Within the PowerPoint are EDITABLE discussion questions that can be used in group discussion, turn and talks, or as a quick assessment for understanding. Also within the PowerPoint are short relevant video clips to help reconstruct the lesson in a visual format.
As always, two versions of Student Notes are included. Use the one set for your IEP(I have them follow along and highlight the information and vocabulary words with a highlighter) or absent students.
This lesson meets the fourth grade state standards (FL-SC.4.L.16.1, SC.4.L.16.4, NGSS- LS3,LS4) , but is assessed on the annual 5th grade state benchmark exam.
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Created: Nov 20, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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