Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics

This is the Plate Tectonics Differentiation Stations. This product consists of six different stations for students to learn about plate tectonics. The student will learn about the crust, upper mantle, lithosphere, asthenosphere, convection currents, subduction, convergent boundaries, transform boundaries, Pangaea, Alfred Wegener, Mountain building, and much more!

How It Works

Station 1- Vocabulary matching game allows students to match key vocabulary terms with definitions.
Station 2- This station allows students to read an article focusing on plate tectonics and to answer multiple-choice questions.
Station 3- Students are given the opportunity to sketch major concepts within plate tectonics.
Station 4- The student reads a passage and then writes constructed responses.
Station 5- Students read provided fact cards and writes down the correct vocabulary term.
Station 6 – Students cut out the seven continents and construct a model of Pangaea.



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