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BIG BUNDLE SAVE 33%!!! The most comprehensive Pre-U notes available on

ALL MY REVISION NOTES for CIE Pre-U certificate in Chemistry, written closely in line with the specification, Thompson’s textbook and the revision guide. Also suitable for A level and IB chemistry.

Includes hand drawn diagrams using graphic tablet and concise bullet pointed information for physical and inorganic Chemistry.

Includes notes on:

*Atomic structure
*Chemical forces
*Acid-base chemistry
*Acid-base equilibria
*Chemical models and evidence
*Crystal structures
*Energy changes
*Free energy and entropy
*Gases and Kinetics
*BONUS - ALL my paper 3 past paper NOTES up to 2018



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2 years ago

Lots of detail - many thanks. However, not sure what these notes have been taken from - could you explain which book or papers you are referring to ie page 3 2014 etc are at the top of the pages but is there anyway you can tell me what this labelling is referring to?


2 years ago

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