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Looking for a fun, engaging lesson using the Python turtle?

The totally FREE lesson teaches your students about using the turtle in Python to draw shapes.

Students will learn how to create shapes and repeating patterns using the for loop and range statement. This is an ideal lesson to use after teaching your class about for loops, helping pupils embed iteration in their programming skills.

Download this ready to use lesson now and become more confident in teaching programming to your pupils. It’s free so what have you got to lose?

This ready to use lesson is suitable for KS3 and GCSE computer science pupils.

It includes an attractive dyslexia friendly PowerPoint presentation that includes differentiated lesson objectives, videos to teach key skills, created in authentic English by an experienced computer science teacher and the lesson also includes lots of practical programming practise. It also includes a comprehensive lesson plan including all the answers.

This ready-to-use lesson is perfect for non-specialist teachers, newly qualified teachers and teachers who are teaching Python for the first time.

Please note: This lesson does use for loops and random.randint( ) and random.choice( ) statements and it is advantageous for pupils to have already become familiar with these but it is not essential.

Duration: 1 lesson

This lesson teaches pupils about:

  • Creating simple shapes using a loop
  • Using computation thinking skills to identify repeating patterns
  • Nesting loops to create more complex patterns
  • Altering the background colour
  • Altering the line colour
  • Altering the line thickness
  • Altering the fill colour
  • Using random to create unique random patterns

What are you waiting for? Take action straight away and download your FREE copy of this wonderful no-prep lesson today that will keep your pupils engaged and making progress.

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Creative Commons "NoDerivatives"

Get this resource as part of a bundle and save up to 16%

A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


Python Programming Lesson Bundle

Take a giant step towards regaining control over your workload and teach Python programming with confidence. These ready to use Python lessons will save you hours of planning by providing you with comprehensive, engaging content you can use in your classes with next to no preparation. This bundle provides attractive dyslexia-friendly PowerPoint presentations, videos to teach key skills and plenty of opportunities for students to practice their Python programming skills. You will also get easy to follow teacher’s guides including ALL THE ANSWERS! These 20 lessons are suitable for teaching pupils about the joys of Python programming, from the very basics to confidently writing and using subprograms and writing to and reading from external files. It even includes a fun interactive computational thinking escape room game to introduce them to the problem-solving skills involved in Python programming. It uses a proven scaffolding technique that empowers pupils to make progress and gain confidence in their programming skills. Lessons: * Getting Started with Input and Output statements * If Statements * More Advanced If Statements * For and While Loops * Strings and Numbers * Random Values * Drawing with the Turtle * Creating Robust Programs * Good Programming Habits * Writing and Using Lists * Writing and Using 2D Lists * Using Subprograms * Recapping Programming Constructs * Recapping Subprograms * Recapping Lists and 2D lists * Recapping Good Programming Practice * Using External Text Files * Creating SQL Databases using DB Browser * Interrogating SQL database using Python * Using Structure Diagrams to Plan Larger Programs The lessons are suitable for newly qualified teachers, non-specialist teachers and experienced computer science teachers who are looking to add a sprinkle of zesty brilliance to their lessons.




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