Quadratic Super Modeller - Really Handy Virtual Algebra Tile Software!
Teach algebra geometrically! Students will DISCOVER the rules for factorising and completing the square rather than memorize blind algorithms. Algebra tiles can explain the "square" in completing the square, aid students in collecting like terms visually, help with integer operations, and make factorising a visual process! Also, check out Algebra Tile Factris for a game-ified spin on factorizing!

Enter ANY quadratic expression in standard, vertex, or factored form and get a digital algebra tile model!
The tiles snap in place and don't overlap. This is perfect for teaching students to expand, factor and complete the square.

This software requires Windows to run. It is desktop application, created in VB.net (4.5 framework to be specific). I have placed the .exe file in zip folder. It will give you a warning messages, as all .exe files will, when you open the program, but I assure you there is nothing malicious about this software! Simply click "run anyway" or "allow" and enjoy!

I created this out of need! The need for better virtual algebra tiles! Students find physical tiles cumbersome to manipulate, and most of the virtual tiles I've found are very finicky to manipulate! This software is more than a virtual algebra tile modeller... it includes step by step instructions, guiding students to the standard, factored, or vertex form! It recognizes when the tiles have been factored (built into a rectangle) or the square has been competed. More than this, it dynamically knows the answer giving either a green checkmark, a red x, or a yellow "half way checkmark" if their answer is not formatted quite right. There is an option to "Just play with the tiles" if you don't wish to be restricted to quadratic expressions. You can add tiles to the panel and it will give the algebraic polynomial tally up top (and even tell you if your tiles are factorable or not).

As I continue to tweak and update this program I will update the file here, so you can always download a fresh version, should the file change. You can use this on an interactive whiteboard as a teaching tool, or throw the file in a network drive for students to use individually in a computer lab.

Feel free to use this product with your own students, but please do not distribute or post the file openly on the internet or share with colleagues, as this would violate copyright permissions. Send them here! I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Common Core States Standards:

Ontario Curriculum: Great for MPM2D, MFM2P, MBF3C, MFM3M, MCR3U


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Created: Apr 10, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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Creative Commons "Sharealike"