Reasoning & Proof: Using Logic (Geometry - Unit 2)
Have you ever asked a student how they got their answer? You probably heard a response like "I don't know. I just did it in my head." Well, as you know Geometry requires students to think logically and to explain their thinking, and that is what this unit focuses on. This unit will walk you through inductive reasoning all the way to proofs.

This is a GROWING unit bundle that currently contains presentation notes, student follow-along notes handouts, glossary, glossary cards, 1 practice worksheet, 2 mini quizzes, 9 section quizzes, a study guide, and a unit test. Other items will be added over time, and the price will be modified as necessary during this process.

This is also one of the units that will be part of my complete Geometry curriculum that is currently in the works so keep checking back, and it will also work as a supplement to your current materials.

I am and have been a high school Geometry teacher for 20+ years, and all of the content has been used in my classroom.

The notes introduce each concept along with a few examples. They are in-depth enough to cover a topic well, and, at the same time, are brief enough to allow you to add related topics/examples of your choice without being overwhelming or stifling your own creativity/flexibility.

The topics included are:
1) Conjectures and counterexamples
2) Conditionals
including identifying the hypothesis and conclusion, drawing Euler diagrams, and negations
3) Variations of conditionals
converse, inverse, contrapositive
4) Biconditionals and good definitions
5) Truth tables
conjunctions, disjunctions, conditionals, and biconditionals
6) Deductive reasoning
Law of Detachment & Law of Syllogism
7) Basic proofs
including using definitions, algebraic properties of equality/congruence, Vertical Angles Theorem, Congruent Complements Theorem, and Congruent Supplements Theorem
8) Vocabulary
26 terms along with relevant symbols

The preview contains a sampling of the notes and assessments.

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Full Curriculum Coming Soon!!

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