Please note the PNG files are photos that have been used for the previews only. They are not the documents needed to use the resource, they only photos of what is included.

This bundle includes all the topics needed to teach functional skills. All topics for the reformed functional skills qualifications that are included have work books many differentiated to L1 & L2 . Lots of power points and the majority of answers are also included. This really is a bargain.
My exam board is city and guilds. But this would be useful for all exam boards.

Every work book Included is made for the reformed functional skills maths and include calculator and non calculator methods.

Place Value
Rounding and estimation
Multiply by 10,100,1000 and add and subtract including decimals.
Multiplication including decimals
Percentages of amounts, increase and decrease, reverse percentages and compound interest.
Fractions of amounts, simplify fractions mixed fractions, add and subtract fractions.
converting between fractions,decimals and percentages
Ratio and proportion
Graphs and charts
Area and perimeter including problems
Substitution into formula
Angles, symmetry and bearing,compass points and coordinates
Metric and imperial conversions
Scale plans, maps, nets ad elevations
L1 non calculator work book
L2 revision workbook with calculator and non calculator questions on every topic.

Please note if you do find typos the workbooks are in word so you can easily amend. I am going through and fixing them as I find them or they are reported to me.

Please see my resources (jonesk5) for the following available for free:

Division workbook
Course outline
Non calculator revision mock
time and timetables



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2 years ago

A decent starting point for a course. <br /> <br /> I used this for a 16-week adult FS course. Covers as much as I could hope to cover in that 16 weeks and a bit more. <br /> <br /> As have been mentioned, some worksheets and slides don't have answers and need a bit of editing. The way I look at it is that someone has put a lot of different resources together and I chose which ones I used in the lesson. Yes, I had to do a few sets of answers but at least I didn't have to put ALL the slides and worksheets together. Annoying but still a time-saver.<br /> <br /> There are a few multiple choice quizzes, which I could then use to create online Google/MS quizzes to self mark. <br /> <br /> Overall, a decent purchase, given the amount of time it has saved me.


2 years ago

This says that it has the majority of answers on it. It doesnt. They are few and far between! This does not help and makes it annoying that money has been paid out for it.


3 years ago

I had previously bought the legacy bundle and have just bought this to update my resources - however they look like the same materials in the main - which are very good. I would not have paid for this however if I'd realised I was buying largely the same bundle I already had.


3 years ago

I've found this to be a comprehensive and extensive resource. Thanks for sharing.


3 years ago

hi, there are still the PNG files for the workbooks can you advise?

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