Religious Education Display (RE)
Included in this pack is 1. RE Vocabulary Display &2. Religion Street Display

1. RE Vocabulary Display

5 sets of Key words that can be printed and laminated to display in the classroom or can be used as prompts for essay writing or class activities.

Topics Included:





Contemporary Society


2. RE : Religious Education Display


We have included two different sized booklets for printing to suit your display needs. It is up to you which one you choose. There are a variety of options when creating your religion street we have included a digital picture of how it looks set up as a street scene.

Some of the sign posts and billboards have been left blank for you to insert your ow information. Our plan is for pupils to use this as a learning wall whereby they will add bits of information to it as the year progresses. We will also be adding various bits of information to the billboards as the year progresses based on the topic of study.


6 Major religious Buildings

Sign Posts

Key Info

Mock Up Display

Options for Pupil Input

Fun and Interactive

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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

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