Represent Arithmetic on Number Lines - 7.NS.1
Represent the addition and subtraction of rational numbers on a number line. Understand adding opposite integers equals zero, and the concept of absolute value. Interpret sums and differences in real world context. Scaffolded lesson provides for classroom differentiation. Can be used as a lesson leader, guided practice, independent practice, for cooperative learning and math centers, or as an assessment. Use with smartboard, projector, computer, pad or as printable. Lesson is complete - NO PREP. Editable version included..
- Represent addition and subtraction on a number line
- Understand adding opposite quantities results in zero
- Interpret sums of rational numbers in real world context
- Demonstrate subtracting rational numbers is the same as adding the inverse

Includes 6 practice pages and answer keys.

Aligned with NCCS Math - 7.EE.1

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