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Have a play around with this task, and please share any questions, extensions, simplifications, modifications, or lines of inquiry in the comment box below. The idea is to collect loads of suggestions that can then be used for effective differentiation. The full set of these tasks, along with additional notes, can be found here: http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/richtasks.htm
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A fantastic rich activity! Just what I am looking for to try out with some of my classes! Thanks for sharing :-)


9 years ago

Questions to consider:<br /> <br /> • How will you go about trying to find an arrangement that uses fewer hydrants?<br /> • Now try some other size blocks of the city, like 10x4 or 5x6 and try to find the fewest number of fire hydrants needed to cover all the roads<br /> • How will you record your results?<br /> • Have you spotted a pattern/rule?<br /> • Can you make a prediction?<br /> • Can you explain why your pattern/rule works?<br /> <br /> Extensions:<br /> <br /> • Using fire hoses of different lengths, such as 200m or 50m.<br /> • Using city blocks of different shapes, such as rectangles, regular hexagons, equilateral triangles.<br /> • Exploring different arrangements of a fixed number of blocks, say 100, to determine which arrangement will need the smallest number of hydrants.<br />

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