English GCSE and English KS3 resources
English GCSE and English KS3 resources
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English GCSE and English KS3 resources by a lead practitioner. Everything I upload is tried and tested by both myself and my English Department. I always appreciate feedback, so please do leave a review if you get chance. Leave a review and choose any other single resource for free! Just get in touch at info@englishgcse.co.uk

TWENTY fully differentiated and resourced lessons that focus on specific scenes from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and also introduces an adaptable introduction to Shakespeare’s life and the three main genres of his plays. These lessons include:

  • General introduction to Shakespeare and genre
  • The Prologue
  • Act 1 Scene 1
  • Meeting Romeo and Juliet
  • The Queen Mab Speech
  • Act 1 Scene 5: Fate and Free Will
  • Romeo and Juliet Meet (Act 1 Scene 5)
  • Act 2 Scenes 1 and 2 (Discovering Identities)
  • The Balcony Scene (Act 2 Scene 2)
  • Friar Lawrence (Act 2 Scene 3)
  • The Nurse (Act 2 Scene 5)
  • Tybalt and Mercutio (Act 3 Scene 1)
  • After Tybalt’s Death (Act 3 Scene 1, Act 3 Scene 2, Act 3 Scene 3)
  • Juliet, Paris and Romeo (Act 3 Scene 4, Act 3 Scene 5)
  • Juliet and the Friar (Act 4 Scene 1)
  • Juliet’s Death (Act 4 Scene 3, Act 5 Scene 1)
  • The Ending of the Play
  • Knowledge Organiser
  • Exam Practice Questions and Answers
  • Scheme of Work Document

Please keep checking your downloads as I will be continually adding to this collection.



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Yet another brilliant ( not to mention time saving) resource. Excellent ideas which are easily adaptable for different abilities.


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Awesome thanks...

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