Save on Printing GCSE Maths Past Papers (Higher) 9-1 & A*-E

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Department budget pushed? Reduce your printing bill by up to 75% with these re-configured past papers intended to be printed as A5 booklets. They function as question papers, pupils write their answers on separate paper or in their books. There are 13 past papers in total: 3 of the new specimen papers from the 1-9 syllabus and 10 from the old A*-E syllabus. I have found the old papers helpful in working on pupil's skill base, before then pushing them onto the new papers.


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  • 9-1-Specimen-2-Paper-1H.pdf
  • 9-1-Specimen-2-Paper-2H.pdf
  • 9-1-Specimen-2-Paper-3H.pdf
  • June-2013-Calc.pdf
  • June-2013-Non-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2012-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2012-Non-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2011-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2011-Non-Calc.pdf
  • June-2010-Calc.pdf
  • June-2010-Non-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2008-Calc.pdf
  • Nov-2008-Non-Calc.pdf

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    user avatarmathsast12 days agoreport

    A great idea - but only one set of 9-1 papers - the rest are "old style" A*-E sorts of papers. This would be excellent if based on newer papers - there are lots of sample papers out there...

    • user avatartpayne89Reply from Author9 days ago

      Totally agree! If I have some more time I will add more of the newer ones, I won't be adding any more old ones I would think.

  • 5
    user avatarmrsmorgan116 days agoreport

    Thank you for this, it's exactly what I wanted! It saved me lots of time, and also lots of print budget.