A selection of resources to help your school become a school of sanctuary: a place of safety and welcome for asylum seekers. The resources and activities will produce evidence you can use in your application to your local city of sanctuary group.
4 lessons, board games, role plays, documentaries, collated from City of Sanctuary, Resources made by me, Amnesty International, Oxfam and online reports. What more do you want? Free? Ok, free.


  • Lesson-1--Key-terms-and-Myth-Busting.pptx
  • Lesson-2--Why-do-people-seek-asylum.pptx
  • Lesson-3--Moral-Duty-and-Religious-Opinions.pptx
  • Lesson-4--Taking-action---be-the-change-you-want-to-see.pptx
  • great_escape_-_board_1.pdf
  • great_escape_-_instructions_1.pdf
  • great_escape_-_playing_cards_1.pdf
  • PP-for-board-game.pptx
  • A-Time-to-Flee--role-play-PP-df.pptx
  • A-Time-to-Flee--role-play-PP.pptx
  • role play lesson_plan_-_time_to_flee.pdf
  • role play TIME-TO-FLEE--script.docx
  • Syria_lesson_plan.pdf
  • Syria_powerpoint_assembly.ppt
  • Syria_refugee_cards.pdf
  • Syria_teachers_notes.pdf
  • Syria_Youth_Action_Guide_Sept2013.pdf
  • UNCRC_cards.pdf
  • Asylum-trends-2016.pdf
  • Schools-Pack-171016-update.pdf

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