Sensation and Perception Unit: PowerPoint, Worksheets, Plans+Test Video Clips
Sensation and Perception Entire Unit Bundled, includes Psychology: Sensation and Perception PowerPoint with presenter notes, worksheets, warmups, activity, review crossword, short videos with questions, assessment and daily lesson plans.

This bundle has everything you need to teach all about the unit of psychology. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste into your lesson plans. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This is the complete package. I have used this for both AP Psychology and regular classes. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, PowerPoint, a review handout or activity and an Exit Ticket. Sensation and Perception PowerPoint include presenter notes that guide you through PowerPoint lectures and short video clips.

Topics Include
Five Senses
- Rods and Cones
- pupil
- lens
- blind spot
- retina
- visual acuity
- after image
- color blindness
- optical nerve
- auditory nerve
- cochlea
- conductive deafness
- sensorineural deafness
- olfactory nerve
- five tastes
- expectations and taste
- pressure, temperature and pain
- Gate theory
Body Senses
- vestibular sense
- kinesthesis
- proximity
- similarity
- continuity
- common fate
- closure
- figure ground perception
Stroboscopic Motion
Depth Perception
- Monocular Cues
- perspective, clearness, overlapping, shadow, gradient texture, motion parallax
Binocular Cues
- retinal disparity and convergence
Perceptual constancies
- color, size, shape, and brightness constancies

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