Short PPT showing the types of headlines

This short powerpoint outlines the different types of headlines (puns, word/letter play, alliteration and rhyming) along with examples on each page. Many of the pages are animated to run automatically.

Last updated Sep 30, 2014, created Mar 6, 2012
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    'Copulation' appropriate for a primary presentation?!

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    Good resource - although beware what they have called homonyms are actually homophones.

  • 5

    This is exactly what I needed to create and you just saved me a lot of time :) Thank you!! Great examples as well!

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    Thank-you - the timing does need adjusting, and 'copulation' isn't great for students to read, nor is 'lightning' spelt 'lightening' - unless one is making their hair lighter by being zapped. Great ideas and easy to se - thank-you!!

  • 4

    Once I tweaked the timings of the entry/exit of the elements, this was a very useful resource to kickstart a headlines lesson. I decided to get rid of the 'copulation' headline...!

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