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This short powerpoint outlines the different types of headlines (puns, word/letter play, alliteration and rhyming) along with examples on each page. Many of the pages are animated to run automatically.

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CreatedMar 6, 2012
UpdatedSep 30, 2014

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    user avatarMissjones275 months agoReport

    Useful, I'm going to try to alter the timings so it works. Homophones are actually a type of homonym so I think that is fine! I agree that copulation is not ok for KS2 though. Without that, a time saving resource.

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    user avatarbradstock9 months agoReport

    The presentation did not work so I could not test it. The basic outline of each slide was useful.

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    user avataroverkilla year agoReport

    I echo concerns about the inappropriate word choice and add one about the fact that it doesn't work.

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    I have just adapted this for my Year 5 class. It was a great basis for a presentation and it saved me from staring from scratch. However I did need to make the changes mentioned above (eg got rid of copulation, changed homonyms to homophones, and corrected lightning!).

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    user avatarcarrie86a year agoReport

    'Copulation' appropriate for a primary presentation?!