Social Media Exit Tickets 2
Check your students' understanding with social media exit tickets and engage your students with media they are already so familiar with!

These have a realistic mobile phone style and come with 8 different social media platforms!

Product Includes:
Each exit ticket is half a page and comes with 2 on a page to save on printing costs for your class. (Also, both UK and US versions are included). These exit tickets are great for the following:

• Summarizing their learning whilst adding the hashtag of key words #HowCool!

• Encouraging students to summarize the lesson whilst identifying areas they specifically ‘liked’ using the thumbs up!

• Visualizing their understanding by drawing an image to summarize their learning.

• Texting on their smartphone about anything they learned this lesson!

• Telling a “story” of their learning in the lesson. They get to use both visual and written feedback.

• Allowing creativity in feedback as students can write quotes, draw images and use text to summarize their learning.

• Offering peer feedback. Students can write their partner a question to test learning and their peer can respond.

• Creating freeze frames of something which reflects their learning!

These are simple and easy to use in your lessons allowing you to quickly see what students have learned in a fun and convenient way - plus, these work with ANY subject!

Your students will definitely think you are the most awesome teacher ever when you pull these out in your lesson, believe me! Give them a shot now and let me know the response you get!


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