Solar Bird Bath: Class Project and Scientific Study
To facilitate understanding of solar energy and its uses and develop an appreciation on how animals depend on humans during cold weather, as well as undertaking an engineering project and conducting an informal scientific study

1. Students will learn how to use passive solar energy to melt ice in a bird bath so the birds can have a water source for drinking during the winter
2. Students will create the schematics to use in constructing a passive solar bird bath with assistance and/or guidance from an adult expert.
3. Students will use the schematics to build the passive solar bird bath with expery adult assistance.
4. Students will install the passive solar bird bath with expert adult assistance and present the project to parents, peers, and school staff.
5. Students will conduct and present the results of an informal scientific study.

This unit project can be used at any grade level; however, the informal scentific study should be conducted by older children and gifted students Younger children and students with special needs can learn to observe and count/record data with teacher assistance.
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